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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Water damage in Monrovia, CA

Monrovia, CA: An undetected broken pipe underneath the kitchen sink of this Monrovia, CA resident was the cause of major water damage. The broken pipe occurred ... READ MORE

Busted Bathroom Inside Monrovia Business

A business in Monrovia, CA suffered some major water damage in their restroom as the result of a broken pipe. Using specialized equipment and products, our tech... READ MORE

Storm Damage from Hurricane Harvey

This Texas business suffered serious damage after Hurricane Harvey. Thankfully they called SERVPRO of Monrovia and we were able to help them and several other T... READ MORE

Flooding Damage in Monrovia

This flooded warehouse in Monrovia, CA was caused by a drain pipe located outside that had overflown into the property. Although it may not seem visible, notice... READ MORE

Mold Remediation

This room had mold living behind the bottom trim of the wall. After locating the affected areas, we were able to setup containment and begin our mold remediatio... READ MORE

Fire Damage inside Business

This business suffered from a fairly large fire. SERVPRO of Monrovia worked around the clock to remediate the problem, so that business could be restored as qui... READ MORE

Roof Leak and Tarping!

This Monrovia homeowner had a leak in their roof. Which sometimes can go unnoticed until the problem has severely damaged the property. To prevent any further d... READ MORE

Raindrops falling on the roof.

Heavy rains caused the ceiling of this home to collapse. Water bubbles produced over night and created heavy pockets above the ceiling. We had to extract water ... READ MORE

What happens when your business is affected by water?

There's a great place in Pasadena, CA that makes science fun! It's a place where kids go to learn all the awesome things that science has to offer! Unfortunatel... READ MORE

Medical facility with water damage.

This medical facility experienced a leak coming from their bathroom. It happened overnight while no one was in the building. They discovered the wet carpet and ... READ MORE

Physical therapy on hold

There was a flood in this physical therapy office. We had to set up a lot of different size air movers to dry the room. We used our largest to smallest air move... READ MORE

One small table, one huge fire.

This dining area was seriously affected by a fire. The smoke damaged 90 percent of the home. All the walls were stained black and. From the ceiling to the floor... READ MORE

We do more than MOLD REMEDIATION.

We got a call about a car accident... at first we were unsure as to why we were getting a call about a car accident. After asking a few more questions we realiz... READ MORE

Testing for asbestos

When we're called for a water damage, we have to find the source of the damage first. We search for areas with high concentrated water damage and cut a hole to ... READ MORE

We will always use moisture readers

Carpet can absorb water real fast and real deep. Water can ruin most if not all types of floors. It's usually real easy to tell if we need to remove a carpet fr... READ MORE

Flooding is no joke.

Iowa experienced a heavy rain fall and we were there to catch all the water falling from the sky. We extracted so much water from this home that we could have a... READ MORE

A wooden cabin in the woods

This unique cabin had some major flooding. We drove real deep into the woods to help this home out. We loved this house and knew it had to be restored with care... READ MORE

The fun can go on

This house was affected by some frozen pipes that burst and caused damage to this fun room. The water leaked from the walls and it flooded the room. We came in ... READ MORE

No fear

We have seen everything and we want you to know that there is nothing that will deter us from doing any kind of damage restoration. It's in our name, and we wan... READ MORE

Apartment flooding

We were called to help out with a flooding in this apartment complex. The top unit of this building had pipe burst under the sink and it flooded the floors and ... READ MORE

BBQ smoke belongs outside

This fire started in the kitchen of this home. The home owners were trying a new recipe and underestimated the flames that were pouring out of a sauce pan. They... READ MORE

No school today

A school in our community experienced some serious fire damage and we were there to help. The scene of a fire is sometimes overwhelming, the smell, the chard ma... READ MORE

Too much water in a bathroom

Washing machine was on the floor above and had leaked down the wall into this bathroom. It leaked down the wall cavity behind the tile of the bathroom. Since th... READ MORE

Sump Pump Fail

The sump pump in this private home basement had failed. The sump pump is supposed to force the water to flow out from one end to another end. In this home, it f... READ MORE