Commercial Photo Gallery

Technicians at work

Technicians at work for large apartment complex

In this picture, our technicians are hard at work after water damaged units at an apartment complex. We strive to make sure every detail is attended to even in large areas like this one. 

Air mover in office space

Air mover called to action for office job

In this picture, we can see our air mover being used after water damaged a office space. This one but many of air movers we used for this job to dry the space as quickly as possible. 

Storage boxes stacked on top of each other in a hallway.

We value your valuables

We take pride in everything that we do. It's the small things that count and the thing that get's overlooked is storage. We have a great system for boxing up office materials. We value your valuables and you will be able to trust our process. We will always store your items in a safe storage facility. 

Air movers in a storage facility.

Like math, our equipment can multiply.

There are certain jobs that require a multiple amount of equipment. Those are generally jobs that are in commercial buildings. We are always prepared for big jobs and we like to bring out the big guns. Our heavy duty air movers are built for fast drying. 

A variety of drywall in a call center.

Calling all drywall

This is generally the scene that is created once we begin a job in a commercial building. The amount of drywall that comes out of the walls would astonish you! What do we do with all the drywall that get's removed? We follow specific regulations for disposal, it's not just chucking it in a dumpster. 

Wall paper in boys restroom is ruined after a pipe broke inside the wall.

Water and wall paper don't mix.

After experiencing a broken pipe, Stem World in Pasadena called us in to help fix the damaged walls and wall paper. Both restrooms were damaged by water. We were able to work after normal business hours to make sure the business didn't have to close it's doors.