Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Tree Removal

Removal of Tree

This photo here shows our technician cutting this tree down after strong winds had caused the tree to lean on the house. If not removed the tree would eventually fall into the house causing major damages. However, the tree did fall into the owner's shed causing major damages to the shed. Here at SERVPRO, we take all the steps to make sure we restore "Like it never even happened," even if it takes us to get on top of the roof of a house. 

A crew in fire damage gear.

We build teams.

We take pride in building teams. We also enjoy recruiting and hiring the right kind of team members. We rely on people with leadership skills to execute hard jobs. We are also responsible for mentoring our team players. It is our responsibility to build the best team. We wouldn't get too far without the right people. 

Semi truck with the SERVPRO logo

We can handle anything.

There is never a time that we say no to a job. Every job is a call to action and we are always ready to answer that call. We are giants in the world of restoration and you can see that by the kind of vehicles we drive. From small trucks to semi trucks, SERVPRO is ready for anything. Since disasters happen anytime, we have to be ready for anything. We travel across town and across the country. We are dependable because we never underestimate a situation. There are jobs that require a small amount of equipment, and there are jobs that require multiple dozens of equipment. There are jobs where we can use simple electric outlets, and jobs that require  power generators. We can complete any size job and we are very proud of that. 

Vegetables painted on a container in a garden.

Community is important to us.

Monrovia is a beautiful town. It's a place to raise families. There is so much to do and see. We have hiking trails that start from the library. An enchanting old town that is full of delicious restaurants and quaint stores. It's hard to leave this neighborhood, because there really is no reason to. You can find community gardens, a variety of parks and endless walking trails. We have been participating in our community since we joined the SERVPRO family. We are always ready to give to our local charities, police departments and fire departments. We know how important community is and we do our part to keep that value going. From breakfast, to lunch and dinner, you can always find us on Myrtle Ave. 

SERVPRO trailer parked in front of mountains.

We are nationwide

One of the greatest things about SERVPRO is that we are everywhere. For any disaster, for any location, for any kind of damage, you will find us. It's such a relief to know that we are available to help. We have been very lucky to have had the chance to travel and help out homes after a major storm. We get to partner up with the local SERVPRO and create a bigger impact. We have met so many different teams and it is always such a good experience. We will also recommend a local SERVPRO if there's someone you know who needs a team in their city. We have so many contacts and we will always be confident when recommending another SERVPRO. You can count on that. 

Work Overview

SERVPRO® of Monrovia's Capabilities Overview

We are here to help and can offer a variety of services from flood and water damage to document restoration. This list gives a great overview of the many different areas we can work on.