Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Large air scrubber in snow

Large air scrubber for storm

In this picture, we can see our technician pulling a large air scrubber through the snow. Here at SERVPRO we do whatever it takes to get the job done even in harsh weather conditions. 

Storm trailer

Trailer used in the snow

In this picture, we can see the SERVPRO trailer on its way to a storm job during the snow. No matter what the weather is like, we go through to help those in need.

Fire damage in a kitchen.

A blaze of storms.

Storms are damaging, whether they are caused by fire or water. We are affected by fire storms every year in California. We are always called for restoration and clean up jobs after a fire. The views of hilltops are sad and disappointing. The affects of fire to a home are all different but they are all devastating. 

A pile of debris inside a home.

Disaster 101

Sometimes, we walk into situations that look really dire. Homeowners assume that their house cannot be restored. When we walk into situations like that we like to assure the homeowners that we can restore any disaster. It takes patience and trust, but we can do it. 

Copper pipes inside walls.

We find the source.

Chicago experienced a record high freeze and we were there to help. 2019 was the coldest year for Chicago, and even the pipes couldn't take it. We were called to help all the homes that experienced water damage due to frozen pipes. We were in charge of locating all the pipes that had burst and happily replaced the drywall. 

trailer, truck, road, sky

Road trip

We were anticipating Hurricane Dorian to arrive in the Carolina's. We packed up our equipment and headed east. Luckily the storm moved further north and won't be as devastating as it was in the Bahamas. We drove as far as Texas, and we will be heading back home.