Water Damage Photo Gallery

Mold under sink

Mold found under sink

In this picture, you can see we found mold under the sink of a bathroom vanity. As with any water damage job, it is important to check the source of the damage for any mold. In this instance it was caused by the sink.

Mold Detected

Mold Detected

In this picture, you can see the equipment we use to detect if any mold is present. This equipment can detect mold on any surface and is used for any water damage job we get. It is also used to clear any water damage job we get in relation to insurance as well. 

Wet carpet along the hallway floor.

Soaked carpet

When there is a leak, the first thing to get damaged is usually the carpets. They soak up water and the material of the carpet gets ruined. Most carpets can not be saved. It's a sad reality when it comes to water damage. 

Green mold spores on wooden trim from inside the wall.

New Mold

Home owners were on vacation when the bathroom sink began to leak. They came home to a pool of water and soaked carpets. We decided to take a look inside the walls and found new green mold spores. We caught and removed the mold just in time. This could have been a worse situation for the home owners. 

Bathroom Restoration

SERVPRO of Monrovia can have your home or business to "Like it never even happened" conditions in a timely manner. Our staff of talented carpenters, painters, electricians and laborers are your answer to a one shop process from start to finish. From the mitigation to the reconstruction, including specialty work.

Equipment to Get The Job Done

We use thermo-imaging cameras to detect moisture within wall cavities and/or trapped in between areas that otherwise would get overlooked and eventually cause mold growth if not removed.